The Aerospac Supplier Portal

The Aerospac Supplier Portal solves two of the industry's greatest problems: Paperwork management & supplier communication. We make it easy to onboard your suppliers and allow them to immediately begin submitting quality documentation via the Aerospac Supplier Portal.

Does the quality of your paperwork match the quality of your parts?

The Aerospac receiving/inspection service allows suppliers to upload PDF documentation at time of shipment for acceptance or rejection. Corrective action is immediately initiated by inspectors prior to receipt of material, without the need to involve purchasing. Aerospac is a proven, industry-wide online receiving/inspection process for supplier documentation.

Save time and simplify your processes with Aerospac:

Modernize your Supply Chain

The Aerospac Supplier Portal allows suppliers to upload their PDF documents directly to their customers, instead of requiring them to print and ship paper documents, which then must be re-scanned and indexed upon receipt. This dramatically speeds up the review process and provides immediate and permanent traceability, thus reducing costs for both customer and supplier.

Proven Cost Reduction

Scanning, storing, and indexing your supplier certs is costly. Aerospac is designed to drive down your costs and simplify your processes. See our interactive Cost Benefit Calculator.


Aerospac AI automates data collection from supplier documentation. Its advanced software will also capture raw material and process data from supplier documentation for internal acceptance and import into your data processing system, providing computerized review of incoming documentation.

Customer Reviews

"We have significantly reduced labor costs since implementing Areospac AI"
Russ Gifford
Primus International Auburn
"Aeropac AI requires less time and is more accurate than before. Tech support has been very responsive"
Mike Zotter
Truform Machine
"We're saving a person and a half over our previous process"
Kevin Creech

Aerospac AI

Scan and Forget.

Aerospac AI takes the manual effort out of scanning, sorting, and storing documents. Reduce your scan process from a few minutes to a few seconds, while relieving you of the costly overhead of storing and managing those documents as they accumulate over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been asked by my customer to use Aerospac. What do I do next?

Click here and fill out the form on the page.

Do I have to re-key data into Aerospac that I already have in my local database?

No. There are multiple solutions to allow for exporting data from your database directly to Aerospac, or you can use Aerospac AI to allow our software to read the data off your images. E-mail or call 949.678.9777 for help implementing an automated solution.

How do I recover or change my password?

Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the prompts to reset your password. You will be prompted to choose a new password as part of this process.

How do I delete a document that is incorrect or sent to the wrong company?

Click the Delete Document icon on the righthand side of the record. Deleted documents can still be viewed and recovered by either you or the recipient by enabling the “Show Deleted Documents” option during a search.

How do I forward a similar document to one previously uploaded? (e.g. Same package with different C of C or shipper)

Click the Document Search link at the top of the page, type in any necessary search criteria, tick the box labeled “View only the documents my company has uploaded”, then click Search.

Locate your document in Document Search, then click the Forward Document icon on the righthand side of the record. In the Forward Document window, make any necessary changes, select the correct Destination Company from the dropdown list, then (if desired) tick the box to remove page 1 (the old C of C or shipper) and browse to attach the image for your new C of C or shipper. Then click the Submit button.

Can I back up my Aerospac data locally?

Yes. We have software that will allow you to download your Aerospac data to a local database that you control. E-mail or call 949.678.9777 to discuss local backup solutions.

How do I add a company to my destination company list?

E-mail to make this request.