About Us

The Aerospac platform was developed by Systec in 1999 with one goal in mind: Digitize and standardize quality documentation processes for the Aerospace industry.

Our History

Systec was founded in 1975 in California as an innovator in Aerospace paperwork management. In 1994, it pioneered early modem-based methods for securely transmitting quality paperwork between PC-based systems. In 1999, this evolved into the Aerospac online database, which has been relentlessly improved upon in the subsequent decades. Today, Aerospac has become a powerful platform for receiving/inspection (including corrective action) and automated solutions for long-term traceability. To date, Aerospac has processed over 4 million document packages for the Aerospace industry.
“Sophisticated Simplicity”

Our Subcontractors

Many prime contractors, major subcontractor,and their suppliers have implemented the Aerospac process. More information may be found here.

Our philosophy of “sophisticated simplicity” allows even the smallest of suppliers to easily implement the Aerospac process.This philosophy has enabled suppliers all over the world to quickly and easily implement the process.

Our Commitment

Systec is unilaterally committed to serving our customers in an efficient and timely manner.All suppliers are provided with email and telephone support, should it be necessary.Since we have users all over the world, that support is available on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our Vision

Aerospac will continue to lead the evolution of shared-data solutions for the Aerospace supply chain, so that manufacturing certification data may move with speed and efficiency throughout the entire supply chain – from raw material through manufacturing and outside processing to end-user – until all data are moving from computer to computer in a totally-integrated web of aerospace supply chain providers.

Our Process

True to our mission, the Aerospac process provides a simplified, standardized method of capturing, archiving, accessing, sharing, and transmitting quality-related documentation and data. Once in electronic form, data may be moved throughout all participants within the supply chain community. All documentation/data are archived in their originally-submitted and approved format.The Aerospac process meets ISO and AAQG “ARP-9090” specifications and requirements.Aerospac is the only process enabling quality data to be captured from any supplier computer and transferred to any other supplier computer, without ever printing out documents or re-keying the data.

Our Products

There are two important components to the Aerospac process:

The Aerospac Supplier Portal

Aerospac is the only standardized process designed to move data from a supplier computer to a customer computer, enabling Aerospace community members to share vital data, both for reactive and proactive use.

Aerospac AI

Aerospac AI allows users to “Scan and Forget” document packages, automating uploading and indexing.

Aerospac Security

Aerospac is designed to offer its users a high level of security.Since its inception in March, 1999, it has hosted millions of transactions and documents without a single instance of security breach. Data are protected through unique customer id’s and encrypted passwords, assuring that data may only be accessed by those authorized to access such information.Aerospac’s security processes and procedures have been vetted by several major companies, including Boeing, Eaton Aerospace, PCC Airframe, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Cessna, Woodward, Meggitt. Aerospac access is limited to administrative support and management personnel and is hosted by AWS.