In-house Documentation

"Scan and Forget" document packages, automating uploading and indexing.

Scan and Forget

Aerospac AI takes the manual effort out of scanning, sorting, and storing documents. Reduce your scan process from a few minutes to a few seconds, while relieving you of the costly overhead of storing and managing those documents as they accumulate over the years.


A document submitted via Aerospac AI becomes searchable online within 24 hours. Need it even faster?

Same-day turnaround is also available.


With Aerospac AI, you don’t have to absorb the expense of shipping paperwork or paying for offsite storage. Instead, we work with your existing scanned images and handle the rest for you. Aerospac AI automatically sorts your images and makes them searchable for you.


We custom-tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs. Aerospac AI supports multiple search criteria, so you can easily retrieve your documents later. You also have full control over who has access to which documents within your organization with a full suite of user management tools, allowing you to support your own process.


Our customer support team is located in the U.S. and dedicated to providing fast, reliable service. We won’t make you navigate endless phone trees. We respond to voicemails promptly, even outside of normal business hours. And we always provide same-day replies to e-mails.